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Three of the biggest indicators of mobile success are user engagement, release frequency, and release consistency. Post solid metrics in these areas and you can be sure you’re ahead of the pack.

We’ve run your app’s numbers against hundreds of your competitors in the finance and banking industry.

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Understanding Your
App Assessment

In order to create accurate benchmarks for this assessment we pulled data from over 200 apps and spoke to 1600 developer teams in the finance and banking sector. The three comparison fields below were chosen as they are key indicators of mobile success.

Release Frequency

Frequent releases usually mean fewer bugs and more new features. Apps that update often tend to see more user engagement and have higher app store rankings.

Value Range:
0–8+ weeks (56+ days)
Lower is better

Release Consistency

Hotfixes focus on fixing broken code rather than improving or adding features. If a low percentage of your releases are hotfixes, that means your code is clean and your app isn’t buggy.

Value Range:
Lower is better

User Engagement

The engagement index score is based on your number of daily active users divided by your monthly active users. A good engagement number indicates high customer satisfaction and a strong retention rate.

Value Range:
Higher is better


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